AI-empowered Algorithms are Humanity’s Ultimate Video Game Coaches

As Southeast Asia’s digital spending continues to rise, the esports industry adds fuel to an economy already on fire. Among all categories, the region crossed $100B in online spending during 2019, with forecasts eyeing $300B by 2025.

Now, it’s no secret that citizens from every corner of the globe love to play video games. And as we recently covered, SEA is now the world’s fastest-growing mobile games market.

Multiple factors are accelerating the mobile gaming frenzy here in Southeast Asia, including massive mobile adoption rates. But when we add SEA + Chinese Taipei — known as Greater Southeast Asia — a new set of metrics emerges.

You see, per Business Wire, an overwhelming 90% of GSEA’s mobile gamers either play esports titles or compete in esports themselves! With millions of players vying for top rankings in high-paying tournaments, competition is undoubtedly fierce.

So, how do elite athletes stay competitive among pools of gamers swelling by the thousands every day? Disruptive technology, of course. And today, we’ll examine training programs employing AI to breed a new generation of pro gamers.

“Yes, SenpAI”

In Japanese anime and manga, a ‘senpai’ refers to an upperclassman who mentors an underclassman. Befittingly, the SenpAI organization uses an upper-class algorithm to train the mortal underclass.

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Gamers may prefer the turtle strategy during certain esports situations and the raging bull in others. But when it comes to evaluating a gamer’s style of play and comparing it to winning techniques, there’s no better analyst than AI.

The SenpAI platform pinpoints gamers’ unique strengths and weaknesses. The post-analysis product delivers a personalized library of clips from pros winning matches. Put another way, AI uses what pros have already done to show aspiring pros what to do.

Competitive games for which SenpAI provides training include Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant. We’re sure you can imagine how this list can expand given the rising popularity — and tournament payouts — of the esports industry.

AI-powered Upskilling

Similar in function to SenpAI, Omnicoach focuses on a single competitive title: Overwatch. Heroes in Overwatch each use unique fighting styles to vanquish foes. As such, there’s a virtually limitless variety of moves and counter-moves for gamers to perform.

Zenyatta is but one of Overwatch’s many heroes


Gamers record their gameplay for upload to the Omnicoach platform. The service’s algo then automatically analyzes gameplay — tagging and highlighting what went well and what went awry.

Gameplay analysis takes only 15 minutes and gives competitive gamers succinct insight into specific battle-proven tactics.

Wrapping Up

They say that practice makes perfect. But the wrong kind of practice can quickly derail significant progress. But in today’s age of cutting-edge tech, gamers now have robotic allies showcasing foundational drills to mimic and master.

Now, it’s important to note here that our upcoming mobile blockchain game — KOGS — is more proof-of-technology exercise than esports blockbuster. We’re out to prove that it is possible to compete internationally, on a mobile blockchain, and in real-time.

That said, the RedFOX Labs gaming division is only warming up. We intend to create a tech-forward, cheat-free, highly watchable game capturing the competitive spirit of esports.

In other words, stay tuned for more as we continue to build momentum in the mobile blockchain gaming industry!


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