A month ago, several RedFOX teammates attended the Wild Digital Conference in Malaysia. The underlying reasons we chose to make the flight out? Well, not only because we wanted to go, but also because we were invited to come.

Sure, it was fantastic to rub elbows with billionaires. We made several solid connections and can hear the knock on opportunity’s door. Shared ideas should soon bear fruit.

But things are a bit different today. Rather than passing through a single border into Kuala Lumpur, we’re crossing the Pacific Ocean to alight in Hong Kong. Plus, our destination isn’t a crowded conference. Instead, a well-funded organization invited a few of us over to China so we can talk business 1-on-1.

You see, this is yet another company turning to us for help. Which, as it turns out, we love to provide! Helping others get what they want is the fastest way to get what you want. And we want mass adoption of blockchain tech. Aligning with similar projects lets us do just that.

So, who’s behind our sponsored trip and what do they want? Well, we can divulge a little. We’ll give you half of the story. And the other half? Sorry, buddy, the time-honored NDA seals our lips. We’ll share further details as they emerge!

Brainstorming Gamification

It’s no secret that one of our blockchain ventures is in the realm of videogames. Our blockchain gaming division is lead by Arclegger, and our first game is well underway. We can’t wait to give you the opportunity to test a blockchain game for yourself!

So, what does gaming have to do with our trip to the Middle Kingdom? Well, our gracious host specifically asked for our main gamesman to come along. In addition to the cofounding duo — Ben & Glen — Arc is coming along to share his ideas on how to gamify our host’s ecosystem.

Wrapping Up

Trust us; we’d love to tell you more about who’s sending us abroad. We can divulge that they’re one of China’s big players in the blockchain space.

And, like the Captcha Group before them, they’re tapping into our expertise with the Komodo ecosystem. You see, KMD’s Antara framework is limited only by human imagination. The simple, modular, DIY blockchain architecture gives anyone the chance to operate their own chain.

Coupled with our blockchain experience is our gaming experience. Our host knows we have the skills as well as the strategy to further drive their revenue. Plus, while we’re at it, we’re meeting up with other blockchain projects you might be following.

You see, our trip encompasses more than a meeting with a single VC outfit. We’re leveraging travel distance by connecting with other projects in the region that align with our business philosophies. The more, the merrier — we’re out to extract every last ounce of value from this trip.

Again, we apologize for the secrecy. That said, the veil will eventually lift. And when that time comes, we’ll be sure to fill you in!