We recently released a spotlight article of Arclegger, CoFounder of the RedFOX Labs Gaming Division, which delved into his rich gaming history and documented his experience of being a key figure in the world of gaming over the last 11 years.

Last Friday we reported that Clegg was currently at E3, the world’s leading video game expo and undoubtedly the most highly anticipated annual event on the gaming calendar, representing RedFOX Labs and mingling with the esports superstars.

With high quality RFOX merch in hand, Clegg has taken to the hallowed ground that is E3 in an effort to spread the good word about blockchain gaming and RedFOX Labs to friends and former colleagues. Not long into the expo and he happened to bump into a long time friend and perhaps the most renowned and popular streamer in the world today – DrDisRespect.

For the uninitiated, a “streamer” is someone who will live stream themselves playing games, singing or just chatting to a camera in front of their own private community who can ask them questions and interact with them in real time. The most popular streaming platform to this day is Twitch which has an average of around 15 million daily active users.

Over the last few years the phenomenon of live streaming has exploded in popularity and in the process produced some globally recognisable streamers such as DrDisRespect and Ninja who have bags of charisma and charm. The act of entertaining thousands of people, armed with only a webcam, for hours on end is no small feat and takes a certain type of personality to pull off.

Dr DisRespect is certainly a man with an extraordinary personality. Guy Beahm, or ‘The Doc’ as he is known, is an often outspoken and controversial character in the space that is always providing quality entertainment for his hoards of fans. His exciting streams and no-nonsense personality have seen him amass over 3 million followers on Twitch with an average viewer count of 22,000 every time he streams.

When The Doc bumped into our very own Arclegger in the middle of E3 he had to stop and say hello. The two go way back to 2015 when Clegg invited him to the H1z1 Invitational and ended up becoming friends. Over the years they’ve enjoyed a competitively playful relationship online across various gaming titles and also on The Doc’s Twitch channel.

The Doc’s interest was peaked when he saw the bright red RFOX logo being sported by Clegg and he gladly accepted a business card from one of the hottest new blockchain gaming projects in town – RedFOX Labs.

Arclegger has already had a number of conversations, meetings and interviews with key figures and publishers in the gaming space including Caterina Zhang of Cocos-BCX – a highly respected figure in the blockchain gaming space.

Stay tuned as we will look to bring you more E3 coverage in the coming days.