Benny’s Back with More Firsthand Project Info

We hope everyone is staying safe amid global uncertainty mixed with regional chaos! As for us, we’re still in building mode.

In addition to creating the world’s first 100% blockchain mobile game — KOGS — RedFOX Labs has several more smartphone apps under development. While certain aspects are under our control, others are not. And when something’s not in-house, we’re at the mercy of 3rd-party service providers’ delivery schedules.

Now, the past few months have brought us plenty of forward momentum. That said — since things are taking longer than we hoped — our CEO recently recorded an update video.

Before we dive into each of the main points, here’s Ben Fairbank distilling the latest progress into 90 seconds:


Okay, now that you know where we’re at, we’ll go deeper than surface level…

Game Dev

KOGS runs on non-fungible tokens. And since each is a unique work of art, every piece requires design and art direction. The good news is that we’re getting there! Even better still is how close we are to handing the alpha build over to our testing group.

Work in progress

Plus, we’re ensuring that all KOGS purchases run through $RFOX at some stage. NFT sales made through our chain is but one way we’re driving our native cryptoasset’s utility.

NFT Mining

Yet another industry first, NFT mining, is a win-win scenario that incentivizes miners to run nodes and help KOGS scale.

Personnel Onboarding

Team expansion is ultra-helpful when you’re building multiple apps at once. And over the past few weeks, we’ve done just that.


All strategical KOGS decisions now flow through an advisory duo with vast experience in the gaming space. Assisting with multiple categories, including PR, marketing, and monetization, our new advisors are now an integral component of our gaming division.


Our distributed team now extends into even more countries. Over the next few months, we’ll have eager university students helping with graphic design, market analysis and trends, SEO, and more.

And if you’ve been keeping current with our blogs, you may have come across an excellent cybersecurity report from one of our new researchers, Harshit Puram.

They say that two heads are better than one — but we just added 10 more idea machines to our team! But since internships are temporary and cyclical arrangements, we’re lining up students from other countries. In other words, the RedFOX Labs intern program has just begun.

Pivoting from Myanmar to Vietnam

Projects stubbornly sticking to a roadmap — despite market conditions dictating otherwise — tend not to travel very far.

That said, our original intent was to first launch our cashback and rewards ecommerce portal in Myanmar. But after making substantial inroads there as well as here in Vietnam, it’s apparent that Vietnam’s existing infrastructure is better suited for this style of commerce.

Image credit: T.H. Chia via Unsplash

Digital inclusion is still the overarching goal in both countries. But after juxtaposing each app’s progress in their respective territories, we intend to first launch in Vietnam.

New Site Under Construction

We’re now building a data aggregator site combining statistics not commonly seen in the same place. In addition, the site will feature user-configurable filters allowing for the creation of complex data sets.

The site is launching soon and isn’t only a use-case for emerging tech, but also aims to be a long-term source of project revenue.

When Wallet?

Mention of the wallet didn’t make the cut in the video. But that’s only because there’s not much to report on at the moment.

Security is paramount when using financial apps. That’s especially true here in Southeast Asia, where monetary apps are under constant attack.

Moreover, our mobile crypto wallet is on the same schedule as Komodo’s. Once Komodo’s new mobile wallet is live on app stores, we expect their developers to push ours live shortly thereafter.

That’s a Wrap

Yes, we have a lot on our plate right now — lots of moving parts to lock down and loose ends to tie up. But we’re nonetheless encouraged by how far we come and how close we are to putting apps on people’s phones.

Experimenting with emerging tech sometimes leads to roadblocks and missteps. We’ve overcome our share, and there will be many more.

But as we inch closer and closer to multiple launches, we remain confident in our growing team’s ability to build tech-forward products leveraging ideal product-market fit.

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