When the co-founders of RedFOX Labs set out to become Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder, an easy decision arose. You see, uncertainty (the U in FUD) can permeate through every facet of a startup company. The early stages are a never-ending series of decisions.

And lucky for us — well, it’s more strategy than luck — our CEO plays an integral role within one of the blockchain industry’s most innovative projects. As General Manager of Komodo Platform, Ben is a first-hand witness to the power and importance of community.

Collaborative communities amplify the potential to create anything and everything imagined by anyone.

So, when ‘deciding’ upon the technological backbone of our venture-building movement, Komodo’s tech was a foregone conclusion. Since 2014, Komodo Platform has continued to release code intent on advancing the blockchain revolution as a whole.

Smarter Than the Average Chain

For a recent example of KMD innovation, we needn’t look further than the Antara Smart Chain framework. Interoperability — blockchain networks freely exchanging value and logic — is a vital pillar of mass adoption.

The majority of today’s distributed networks operate in silos. But Antara shatters the walls while opening the door to blockchain unity. When projects cooperate, realizing that we’re all working towards a common goal, we minimize the ‘us vs. them’ mentality.

And as our recent partnership with Electra demonstrates, the commixing of open-source projects leads to yet-to-be-conceptualized products and services. In other words, this new partnership helps accelerate the pace at which we can bring blockchain tech to the masses.

Triumphant Triad

If not for Komodo, RedFOX Labs wouldn’t be enjoying a headstart as a blockchain venture builder. Whether building our own products or helping other projects launch theirs, the vast majority of tech is ready and awaiting deployment.

To give you an idea of the blockchain playground in which we now operate, here’s Antara explained by Torsten Szabolcs Sandor from Komodo:

In case you missed it, projects are free to build on Komodo without Komodo’s permission; which exemplifies the spirit of open-source code. If you can dream it, come and make it on Komodo Platform.

Electric Ambitions

As explained in Electra’s official partnership announcement, the project is just as thrilled to be working with Komodo and us as we are to work with them!

For example, Electra is considering the deployment of Komodo’s airdrop module. Electra can use Antara to quickly and easily build new chains with native coins. And, at the team’s discretion, holders of $ECA would become eligible to receive free digital assets.

But that’s entirely dependent on the project’s overall strategy, which RedFOX is helping to define. You see, Electra is looking to us to scale and monetize their business operations. Because while we’re a blockchain venture builder, we also have the experience and expertise to incubate and accelerate other projects.

Komodo’s developer-friendly, composable architecture is the vehicle, and we’re helping Electra lay roads on which to deliver products and services.

Beyond the Whitepaper

We’re not one to point fingers or name names, but we can tell you that far too many hollow projects fail to live up to their promises. RedFOX strives to take a delivery-based approach.

Now, this is more for the reader just discovering RedFOX. Our community is aware that our first blockchain venture — Zaddex — is up and running. But while we now have proof-of-concept for our business model, we still have plenty of code to ship!

Wrapping Up

Komodo Platform, RedFOX Labs, and Electra are now working together to build new chains and create new streams of revenue. And while we’re at it, we empower emerging markets with the benefits of blockchain tech.

While blockchain is the lifeblood of everything we make, we’re going out of our way to make our products as seamless as possible. In other words, whether it’s the ElectraPay system, our upcoming blockchain game, or Komodo’s AtomicDEX, we strive to make the customer experience straightforward and intuitive.

As all three of our communities intertwine, each one becomes stronger on an individual level. Collectively, we can radically alter the blockchain and crypto landscapes for the better. We aim to make blockchain accessible to everyone.

And lastly, beloved community, we’re excited to have you alongside us on the long road ahead!