But you’d better hurry!

To celebrate the launch of our upcoming mobile app — KOGS — we’re giving early testers a free Kogs Starter Pack. That’s 40 collectible, 1st edition NFTs, just for trying our game!

Now, if we keep handing them all out, there’d be none left. On that note, we’re capping our collectible NFT giveaway to the first 1,000 registrants.

However, even if you’re a bit late to the party, we might let you in — so long as you arrive by Feb. 15, 2020. That means you have less than two weeks from this very moment.

Click here to reserve your spot as a KOGS game tester!

*Please check your spam folder for email confirmation, as each account may have different filters. RedFOX Labs reserves the right to end registrations prior to 15th Feb. Offer is limited to one per person, and subject to downloading and playing one game to receive the NFTs.

So, what do you get, exactly? More importantly, why do you want them? Well, the what part is easy…

Kogs Starter Packs include:

  • 35 Kogs
  • 2 Slammers
  • 3 Special Slots

As for the why, that requires a little further explanation. But before we move forward, let’s travel a few decades into the past.

Revitalizing a Throwback

Primitive gameplay — when the game was known as milk caps — dates back to the Hawaiian island of Maui, as early as 1927. Some even link the game with Menko, a Japanese card game played in the 17th century.

Can you slam your way to victory?

But no matter its origins, our focus is on the game that took schoolyards by storm in the early ’90s — Pogs. The game involves lightweight pieces of equal size, as well as heavier pieces known as slammers.

Sometimes played for fun, other times for keeps, the rules are mostly the same:

  • Players each add the same amount of game pieces to build a face-down stack.
  • Players take turns hurling their slammer onto the stack, trying to make game pieces land face-up.
  • Pieces landing face-up are held by the player doing the slamming.
  • Pieces landing face-down are re-stacked for the next player.
  • When the stack is depleted, the player with the most pieces is declared victorious.

In the late ’90s, the game faded into legend as kids sought new forms of entertainment. Since then, some apps have tried — and failed — to successfully recreate the game. Until now.

It’s ALL on a Chain

The backbone of our mobile blockchain game is NFTs. Now, you may already be familiar with making in-game purchases. The downside of this scenario is that you don’t truly own anything in your inventory. If the game’s developers decide to shut down the servers, you can kiss your assets goodbye.

KOGS takes retro gaming to the next level

In KOGS, however, every game piece you acquire is yours to keep, trade, or sell. Plus, unlike other titles that process gameplay off-chain then record it onto a blockchain, everything in KOGS occurs on-chain.

100% of KOGS gameplay is calculated on the blockchain — an industry first!

Beyond the ability to trade your in-game assets, blockchain gameplay prevents cheating — a persistently problematic occurrence in the realm of videogames.

Check out one of our previous articles on blockchain gaming to gain a deeper understanding of how NFTs elevate the experience for honest players.

Pre-game Warm-up

While we’re excited to get KOGS onto your phone, there are still some elements to sort out. And we want to ensure a seamless user experience before the official launch.

But don’t wait too long for us to finalize the details! Be sure to enroll as one of our early testers and score yourself a free Kogs Starter Pack. You have nothing to lose, and 40 NFTs to gain.

Click here to register now!

Lastly, don’t forget to follow the game’s progress on Twitter.