Every blockchain venture we build incorporates tech from Komodo Platform. And as their offerings continue to evolve, we‘re able to accelerate the development of our customer-focused products and services.

You see, Komodo’s been in the business of building blockchains since 2014 — much longer than most of today’s projects can claim. That means the team’s had half a decade to fine-tune their technology. Because we chose KMD tech as the backbone for our blockchain ventures, we have a massive headstart over the bulk of the blockchain industry. Every innovation they release funnels straight into our ecosystem.

In other words, as Komodo advances, RedFOX Labs’ technological vault gets deeper and broader.

You’ve surely heard the term, “practice makes perfect.” Komodo’s practice, patience, and perseverance are now paying huge dividends.

The project’s recent rebranding brings with it an expanded library of smart contracts. However, the term “contracts” underserves the capabilities of Komodo’s new Antara framework.

Antara offers a fresh set of developer-friendly building blocks. Plus, the infrastructure provides the means for each sovereign and autonomous blockchain to communicate with one another. And it’s this communication — the transfer of value and logic from one chain to another — that directly targets the blockchain industry’s most pressing dilemma: scalability.

You see, the #1 limitation of data is solitary confinement. When information is kept private, only a minuscule percentage of people can benefit from its capture of knowledge. There are, of course, exceptions where privacy is a requirement — and, conveniently, Komodo also makes that option available. But in most instances, data is for sharing.

Information’s core function is to educate, no matter if the pupils are human or machine. But when data lives in a digital jail cell sequestered from the outside world, it’s an injustice to the information’s original intent. Like a bird soaring effortlessly across the sky, data is meant to be free — and Antara has the key.

To give you a better idea of Antara and how Komodo sets itself apart from other blockchain construction platforms, we’ll have the team’s Torsten Szabolcs Sandor explain:

As you can see, cross-chain interoperability opens up a new world of opportunity. When thousands of chains speak the same language, data flows quickly and without barriers. And now that you have a better understanding of Komodo tech’s capabilities let’s look at some immediate use cases for RedFOX Labs.

Having Fun with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

We’re currently experimenting with NFT technology. Since this term may be completely foreign, we’ll give you a quick definition. Now’s not the first or last time we’ll discuss NFTs and their significance in blockchain gaming, but let’s ensure we’re on the same page.

NFTs, unlike BTC and ETH, aren’t available for mutual substitution. In other words, when you hold an NFT, you possess a token unlike any other within the land of blockchain.

While NFTs carry distinct attributes, they’re still cryptocurrencies by nature. And that means you can trade them and store them in digital wallets like you would bitcoin. However, unlike bitcoin, interoperability provides the means to use NFTs across any videogames built upon the Antara Smart Chain framework.

In blockchain games, progress automatically converts into a digital container — a token. And, so long as the games employ the same architecture, you’re free to flow your digital representation of gameplay into other titles.

Videogames often revolve around enhancing a character’s skills and inventory. Imagine being able to seamlessly transfer every potion and weapon and costume from one game to another. No more starting from scratch. No more losing everything you worked for whenever a new game comes out.

Plus, not only do NFTs capture in-game progress, but they’re also digital assets available for trade within NFT marketplaces. This technological breakthrough unshackles videogame characters from the confines of a single title while capturing value in the process. Win-win!

SEA is our project’s target market, and our wallet functions anywhere in the world

RFOX Multi-Coin Mobile Crypto Wallet

While our cybersecurity partners — Hacken— put our upcoming wallet through penetration testing, we’re busy preparing plans for its use. As you can imagine, a native wallet is crucial to every blockchain venture we build.

We’re releasing the wallet’s core functions in stages, beginning with the ability to store nearly every coin and token throughout the cryptosphere. Currently in beta, Komodo’s atomic swap tech enables seamless, peer-to-peer trades while retaining custody of your private keys.

Now, the RFOX wallet will eventually tie into every future blockchain game we create. Because Komodo tech is open source, however, games will emerge that are unrelated to RFOX — at least on a surface level.

Put simply, Antara simplifies the creation of multi-game ecosystems. Because it’s impossible to collaborate with every open-source developer, not all of the Antara-powered games natively incorporate RFOX coin. That said, because of Antara’s advanced interoperability, it’s a non-issue.

To help clarify Antara’s capabilities, here’s a visual representation. And to further illustrate the point, we’ll share an imaginative story.

Antara’s Smart Chains seamlessly transfer value and logic across blockchain networks

Let’s say you enjoy playing a game created by RedFOX Labs’ gaming division. We’ll call it Final Mortal Fantasy Combat, a pretend game we have no intention of building. Or do we?

Would you play a fighting game mixed with RPG elements? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Now, because you’re a gamer that likes to explore multiple titles, you begin playing Space Blasters Galaxy, another game currently trapped within our imaginations.

Both titles use cryptocurrencies for in-game transactions — $RFOX and $SPG. Your FMFC gameplay provided a fun amount of RFOX, and you’d like to trade some for SPG. Even though these faux games run on separate chains and come from individual games-dev houses, if Antara powers them, they‘re family.

You can easily swap digital assets across a pair of Komodo Smart Chains, so long as both Smart Chains provide a pool of liquidity for their native crypto. Here’s how atomic swaps occur within our fictional (yet realistic!) games universe:

You seamlessly initiate an exchange from within your wallet.

The RFOX Smart Chain then burns (destroys) the amount of RFOX you define.

RFOX Smart Chain proves to SPG chain that the coins are gone.

So as not to create double-spends and value out of thin air, RFOX submits blockchain-verified proof of the burn.

SPG Smart Chain converts RFOX to SPG.

Drawing from the SPG pool of liquidity, you now have SPG coin within your in-game Space Blasters Galaxy wallet.

The near future is bringing the full release of our wallet’s features, along with a series of games running on the Antara framework. When those ideas become a reality, you can quickly and securely swap cryptocurrencies from the palm of your hand. And yes, that includes smartphones as well as videogames controllers.

RedFOX Labs’ Role as Official Service Providers

As part of Komodo Platform’s recent rebrand, the project identified organizations offering KMD-fueled products and services. You see, while Komodo provides a full suite of distributed ledger building blocks, certain projects need a boost when they’re first launching. And that’s where we come in.

RedFOX Labs incubates and accelerates projects building on Komodo Platform

With a focus on Southeast Asia’s booming economies, our consulting and incubation services are well-positioned to serve the needs of millions. We know Komodo’s tech inside and out, which gives us a headstart in bringing customer-centric products to market. Building a blockchain venture isn’t always about us–other projects are free to hire our blockchain venture-building services.

Final Thoughts

As a KMD-powered blockchain venture builder, we’re thrilled to see this new era in Komodo’s evolution. In the world of videogames — as well as out in the real world — Antara framework enables RFOX to accelerate blockchain adoption.

Every KMD upgrade and invention makes it easier for RFOX to launch projects in alignment with our D.B.O.T. venture-building strategy. We design, build, operate, then transfer. And, nearly every blockchain venture we create has a focus outside the realm of digital assets.

The team here at RedFOX is excited about the future. We can’t wait to begin building games and other blockchain ventures on the Antara framework. The possibilities are infinite, and we’ve yet to envision our most significant blockchain creations.

We’ll share further Antara details as they roll in. See you back here soon!