Can You Slam Your Way to Victory?

Ok, class, we’ll keep today’s lesson short and sweet. KOGS is super-simple to play, and you’ll pick it up in 4 easy steps.

Let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Collect Kogs

Kogs are the game pieces used in KOGS. During gameplay, players build a stack of these collectible, tradeable NFTs. Like other NFTs, Kogs have inherent attributes that make them ideal for blockchain gaming.

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The more Kogs you own, the more games of KOGS you can play.

Kogs are available in Starter Packs and Booster Packs. Plus, you can buy/sell/trade Kogs within a complementary peer-to-peer marketplace.

Step 2: Challenge a Foe

You may have never met this person, but they are your mortal enemy for the game’s duration. Their evil plot is to remove Kogs from your collection.

Before each game, check to see how each player stacks up…

Step 3: Stack Your Kogs

Each player contributes an equal number of Kogs to the gameplay arena.

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Once the stack is up, it’s time to slam it down.

Step 4: Slam The Stack 

Players take turns hurling a Slammer into the top of the stack.

Slammer: A special game piece that’s bigger and heavier than those in the stack.

Here’s the self-declared king playing POGS, the real-world version of KOGS:

KOGS operates on similar — yet digitized — gameplay principles.

The slamming player attempts to make each Kog turn over and land face-up. Kogs landing face-up after a slam are removed from the stack and held by the slamming player. Kogs that didn’t flip over are restacked before the next player takes a turn.

KOGS is designed so that there’s no first-turn advantage, and an ever-growing stack adds tension to every match! To give you an idea of how KOGS differs from its real-world inspiration, here’s a play-by-play rundown of a match:


Each competitor adds 20 Kogs apiece to make a stack of 40.

Round 1

Player A slams.

Player B adds 10 Kogs to the stack.

Player B slams.

Round 2

Player A adds 10 Kogs to the stack.

Player A slams.

Player B adds 10 Kogs to the stack.

Player B slams.

Final Round

Player A adds 10 Kogs to the stack.

Player A slams.

Player B slams.

The player with the most Kogs at the end of the third round wins the game.

There You Have It

See, we told you it’s easy!

They say knowledge is power. And, armed with newfound gaming skills, you’re all set to stack ’em and slam ’em. Happy gaming out there, everyone!

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