Six Months of Development Spring to Life

A video game running entirely on a blockchain is something the world has never seen. But now we’re incredibly proud to give everyone a preview!

As you can imagine, a release of this magnitude includes a horde of moving parts. From artists to third-party service providers to in-house and Komodo developers, KOGS required a massive team effort to reach this milestone.

During development — because code isn’t too easy on the eyes — we consistently fed our alpha testers sneak-peeks of concept art. We would have loved to display more, but we can’t give away everything just yet. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

And today, waiting for the game’s pending alpha release just got a whole lot easier. Of course, there’s still a layer of refinement to add. But we’re at the point where backend meets front — and the interlocking gears of KOGS gameplay are moving forward.

Without further ado, here it is, the official alpha trailer for the world’s first all-blockchain mobile game:


To clarify, every in-game transaction occurs in real-time, immutably recorded within our network. Anyone can fire up our block explorer to verify what transpired within every match. No cheating. No ‘gaming’ the system to gain an edge. KOGS delivers 100% provably fair, NFT-powered gameplay.

We’ll share further details in a follow-up article next week, but this technical feat unlocks doors leading to all-new use-cases. In other words, the tech used to forge KOGS can streamline efficiencies within industries unrelated to blockchain and video games.

See you back here in a few days!

What’s Your Take?

After watching the trailer, how do you feel about the future of blockchain gaming? Are you even more excited about putting the KOGS app on your phone? Are you a gamer, an NFT collector, or both?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!