Last week, two of RedFOX Labs’ founding members — Ben Fairbank and Glen Pearce — attended the Wild Digital Conference in Malaysia. As a gathering of Southeast Asia’s premier tech companies, we couldn’t refuse our invitation to attend. And, as Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder, we’re so glad we did!

You see, we’re intent on building real-world ventures that enhance people’s lives through the use of blockchain tech. And now, as a result of being at the conference, we’re even better informed to deliver blockchain products suitable for widespread use.

So, what exactly happened during the event? Glad you asked because we’re ready to share!

Conference Highlights

We’ve attended plenty of crypto events over the past several years. And, almost instantly upon entering, we could tell this event was unlike the others. Sponsored gatherings often have a used car mega-sale air about them. Many in attendance are pushing an agenda, while others will over-promise and under-deliver on products and services.

On the other side of the token, the Wild Digital Conference is professional, well-coordinated, and more of a business- and relationship-building event. We had ample opportunity to hear from and speak with successful, high-profile organizations spanning the entire SEA region.

To give you a better understanding of our overall impression, here’s our CEO with a quick recap:

We did have an important meeting lined up before leaving RedFOX headquarters. And, a particular presentation stood apart from others.

Face-to-Face with Patrick Grove

Ben’s video touched on a meeting with Patrick Grove, CEO of the most successful venture builder in Southeast Asia.


Now, if there’s anyone familiar with the business landscape throughout SEA, it’s Patrick. And, our meeting was an excellent chance not only to learn more about Patrick and his Catcha Group but also to put RedFOX Labs’ blockchain ventures on his radar.

You see, many of the conference’s attendees and speakers, including Patrick, know that blockchain is gaining momentum throughout SEA. Adaptation is one key to survival in the business world. And, like mainstream global finance, SEA’s rising stars can no longer ignore the transparency and security blockchain tech offers business operations.

We heard from lots of speakers and attended multiple presentations. However, one person in particular truly understands blockchain’s positive implications for the region.

Secretary_Raul_Lambino_CEZAChatting by the Fire

One of our neighboring countries, the Philippines, recognizes the enormous potential available from using distributed ledgers. And that recognition runs all the way up into Parliament.

During a presentation entitled Fireside Chat: Promoting Disruption Through Regulatory Innovation, we heard from Secretary Raul L. Lambino. Raul is CEO of CEZA — the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. CEZA is a corporate entity owned and controlled by the Philippines’ government. And, just like RedFOX, blockchain is their thing!

CEZA promotes blockchain by attracting foreign companies into the region. Businesses operating within CEZA guidelines enjoy a regulatory framework that’s accommodating to digital assets. In other words, CEZA encourages innovation by setting ground rules that embolden growth. That’s in stark contrast to countries such as the U.S., which many blockchain projects altogether avoid due to regulatory uncertainty.

In his presentation, Secretary Lambino explained how CEZA is very welcoming towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies. And, his organization’s forward-thinking approach aims to position CEZA as a global sandbox for financial technology. When companies operate without fear of making accidental missteps due to unclear laws, they’re unbridled and tend to do their best work.

CEZA fully understands the necessity of being receptive to disruptive tech. Otherwise, the Philippines runs the risk of being excluded from the financial innovations occurring throughout the blockchain industry. We suspect other SEA countries will follow CEZA’s lead. Why? Because the economic benefits are becoming harder and harder to ignore.


Yes, the 2019 Wild Digital Conference was a two-day whirlwind. The venue often saw presentations bursting at the seams with engaged participants. The atmosphere was very positive, and there’s nothing like being in a room swarming with like-minded individuals. You see, in addition to opening doors to new collaborative opportunities throughout Southeast Asia, we gained valuable insights into the region’s wants and needs.

Remember, this wasn’t a blockchain event or a crypto event. Instead, the WDC is a gathering of some of SEA’s most successful organizations operating within the digital economy. The intent — rather than trying to sell things to each other — is to educate and collaborate.

We heard from multiple experts across a variety of topics. We identified investment trends within SEA’s booming economy. And, we rubbed elbows with representatives from unicorn companies — those with valuations exceeding $1,000,000,000. You’re right. That is a lot of zeros.

Plus, because our business model revolves around products enhanced by blockchain tech, we gained plenty of validation that RedFOX Labs is in the right place at the right time. Blockchain is getting bigger and bolder, and we’re helping the tech gain momentum throughout Southeast Asia. And although our first blockchain venture — Zaddex — is up and running, we’re just warming up!

As we curate our extensive list of new business connections, we’ll share their impact on our organization. In other words, this won’t be the last you’ll hear of our time spent at the WDC. And we’re already looking forward to next year’s event. It’s a must-attend for RedFOX, which in turn helps us create better products for you.