The 1st All-blockchain Mobile Game Continues to Spark Innovation

By computing all game logic on a blockchain in real-time, KOGS sets itself apart from every other mobile title in existence. At this stage, ensuring the game’s post-launch survival involves external infrastructure.

You see, distributed networks like ours rely on nodes to keep the chain secure. Network nodes are indispensable pieces of hardware and software working in harmony to verify transactions and create new blocks.

The more nodes deployed on a network, the more robust its security and transactional processing speed. And to keep players in our upcoming game smoothly slamming on a distributed ledger, we’re looking to increase our chain’s node count.

The RedFOX chain is currently mineable. Those possessing ample technical prowess can sync with our blockchain to mine blocks and earn rewards. But today, miners earn rewards in the form of $RFOX coins only.

However, with the introduction of NFT-powered block rewards, mining our chain gets much more enjoyable. So, what does ‘NFT mining’ even mean? Well, since, as far as we know, nobody else in the blockchain space is doing this, we’ll explain it here.

Incentivized Scalability

Head-to-head gaming battles on a blockchain require computational power. And as our player base expands and the number of concurrent games increases, our chain requires additional nodes to keep the code in motion.

Work in progress

Simply put, the game can’t scale without additional nodes. But we don’t expect anyone to run a node without proper compensation!

So, being somewhat different than the rest of the space, we devised a method for keeping miners happy while keeping our network traffic flowing.

As opposed to traditional cryptocurrency mining, NFT mining rewards node operators with rare non-fungible tokens.

Today’s crypto miners have thousands of chains on their mining menu. In return for their participation, node-runners receive bitcoin or ethereum, or whatever their chosen coin.

In contrast, KOGS miners gain the chance to score rare, one-of-a-kind collectibles. Let’s use the game’s 1st edition NFTs as a scarcity example. Only a finite amount will ever exist. And once they’re all sold or mined, secondary marketplaces become the only places to find them.

Wrapping Up

We’re still finalizing the details of reward distribution, and nothing’s set in stone at the moment. That said, we’re leaning towards reserving 10% of 1st edition game pieces to issue as block rewards.

We’ll share more with you as further details emerge. But for now, just know that mining the RedFOX chain will soon produce two different types of currencies — one that’s fungible and another that’s anything but.

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