Welcome to the first edition of RedFOX Labs’ Meet the Team. Today we are shining the proverbial spotlight on Co-Founder of the Gaming Division and Head of Creative Development – Arclegger.

Born to game

Arclegger, real name Adam Clegg, has been working in the games industry for just over 11 years now and has accumulated a vast amount of experience and wealth of knowledge during this time. From humble beginnings as a games tester for Sony, he has worked his way up the the ladder and was most recently Creative Director for Z1 Battle Royale before moving over to RedFOX Labs.

Clegg describes himself as “being raised in an arcade from 88-03” having always been fascinated with gaming from a young age. He started his gaming journey at around 3 years old on his older brother’s Nintendo with the game Galaga. From console games to Nintendo and then Super Nintendo, Clegg soon fell in love with the gaming arcades of the early 90s and would often get dropped off by his parents to spend hours in there at a time.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

In his early twenties Clegg decided to pursue his one true passion and applied to be a games tester at Sony. With his dream job in the bag, he stopped at nothing to be the hardest working in the room every day. Within a couple of years he had risen through the ranks to go from Quality Assurance Tester to Quality Assurance Lead and finally landing at Games Designer for Planetside 2.

Planetside 2 is an award winning and highly acclaimed free-to-play massively multiplayer online first person shooter by Sony Online Entertainment. Critics praised the innovation and success driven by this game with notable ratings of 9/10 from IGN and 9/10 on Steam.

Spanning a 4 and a half year period, Clegg worked on all aspects of the title including but not limited to game and level design, documentation of UI and core systems, creation of innovative and engaging designs and many more. Aside from this he was assigned to be a face for the title. This meant exposure in marketing, PR, and community with press interviews, shows and conventions.

H1Z1 and the birth of Battle Royale

After a highly successful tenure with Sony he moved over to Daybreak Game Company to become a senior game designer. It is here that Clegg spent the next 5 years working on H1Z1 and helped to bring the now astronomically popular battle royale gaming genre into the mainstream.

The battle royale game genre is a survival and exploration game mode where the players will fly into a map on a parachute and then scavenge for items, upgrading their gear as they move across the map from area to area. Players can either fight or hide as they come across other players and the map gradually gets smaller due to areas becoming restricted. In a last-man-standing fashion, the last person surviving is the winner.

This game mode originally started as a mod based off of the Japanese cult film Battle Royale which came out in the year 2000. H1Z1 helped bring this mod into mainstream gameplay and this became a popular event at esports competitions.

Since then the gaming industry has seen an explosion in battle royale games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite and PubG to name but a few.

During his time with Daybreak Game Company, Clegg led a team of over 30 in creating H1Z1 and handled all live production from the design side in 2015-16. He also mobilized many top influencers to play at launch, boosting H1Z1’s popularity. As time went on he collaborated in building H1Z1’s organized play and esports scene including all tournaments and live events including the Invitationals at Twitchcon.

Aside from all of these achievements it’s very important to mention that he also created and designed H1Z1’s successful micro-transaction model for in-game payments.

In his most recent position before moving over to RedFOX Labs, Clegg was Creative Director for NantG working on Z1 Battle Royale.In this role he led a team of 23 on all aspects of development. This included interacting with Art, UI, Audio, Programming, Design, and BI to successfully create fun and impactful content.

Clegg has always been incredibly resourceful and this is evident as NantG started with zero marketing dollars and took a game from less than 700 players up to 12,700 concurrent and a MAU (Monthly Active Users) of over 1 million.

If you’d like to see him in action you can view the live dev updates from Z1 Battle Royale here.


Aside from a keen interest in gaming, Arclegger has always been an outspoken supporter of Crypto. He had first heard of Bitcoin around 2012/13 but unfortunately never fully explored this revolutionary technology until a few years later when it thrust it’s way back into the public eye.

Since then he’s been flying the crypto flag via his Twitter account and appearing on numerous interviews including this one with our very own Ben Fairbank in October 2018.

In April of 2019 the decision was finally made to move into Crypto full time as he co-founded the RedFOX Labs Gaming Division. Arclegger firmly believes that blockchain gaming is the future and that RedFOX Labs is the place to help realise his vision and explore all of the amazing features that this technology has to offer.

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