Showcasing the Composability of Komodo Platform’s Antara Framework

Half the fun of operating a blockchain network is freedom of experimentation. And since the RFOX chain runs on top of Komodo Platform — as opposed to restrictive Ethereum or others like it — we get to play in a digital sandbox full of interoperable toys.

You see, Komodo’s new Smart Chains let us add, subtract, or alter the network’s chains at will and on-the-fly. In other words, we operate a sovereign chain acting as a laboratory for blockchain innovation.

After all, Labs is in the title of our project!

KOGS is the world’s first mobile game that calculates 100% of its logic on the blockchain. What’s more, the upcoming release is a shining example of what’s possible with Komodo’s Smart Chains and futuristic Antara Modules.

Similar to LEGOs, developers can select from a menu of interlocking pieces. As such, our chain came pre-loaded with a library of components. We also have the option to code custom modules, and sync them with the built-in repository.

Our devs are working with three distinct modules to make KOGS come to life. The first is the KOGS module, custom-crafted inside our game studio. And from there, we need only to link up with what Komodo has on tap.

What about the remaining two modules, you ask? Well, we haven’t told you about them just yet. And there’s no better time than right now. Scroll on to discover more!

Modular Tokens

The number of Komodo’s plug-and-play blockchain modules currently sits at 14. Developers can easily intertwine Payments, Oracles, Rewards, Faucets, and more.

And with 10 additional options to select, the possibilities are endless. The creation of asset-backed stablecoins is but one example, as is the formation of a decentralized exchange.

Antara Modules enable simplistic launching of chains and blockchain-based apps

Any Smart Chain can generate tokens by enabling specific parameters and joining together complementary modules. For example, the Assets Module activates buy/sell operations in the Tokens Module.

Moreover, the Tokens Module contains pre-configured support for non-fungible tokens. And since NFTs power our upcoming game, we’re taking full advantage of Komodo’s current tech.

Bringing Assets to Market

Non-fungible tokens offer an array of benefits to their owners. One of which is the ability to sell and trade these digital assets in secondary marketplaces.

Image credit: Lisheng Chang via Unsplash

We intend to facilitate the trading of KOGS NFTs in and out of the game. And thanks to Komodo’s Asset Module, we can enable distributed, peer-to-peer exchange from within the game itself.

Buying, selling, and trading are crucial aspects of the overall NFT ecosystem, and we’re ensuring that KOGS game pieces live up to those expectations.


Creating a mobile game that’s 100% on-chain is a technological feat. Nobody’s ever done it, which makes some question its feasibility.

But the proof is in the code, and it won’t be too much longer until you can put KOGS on your phone and see the tech in action. But without Komodo blazing the trail for us, there’d be no game to ship.

The blockchain gaming industry is rapidly evolving. And by implementing Komodo’s Antara Framework, KOGS is accelerating innovation while remaining flexible enough to adapt at a moment’s notice.

KOGS is a significant step forward for the NFT space, and we look forward to sharing our new game with everyone!

Are you excited for the release of KOGS? Are you more interested in playing the game or collecting the NFTs?

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