We’re still in the midst of enrolling early testers for our upcoming, 100% on-chain mobile game — KOGS. And, you still have until Feb. 15, 2020, to sign up and earn yourself 40 free NFTs, just for downloading and playing.

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*Please check your spam folder for email confirmation, as each account may have different filters. RedFOX Labs reserves the right to end registrations prior to 15th Feb. Offer is limited to one per person, and subject to downloading and playing one game to receive the NFTs.

All participants in our test program are entitled to a complimentary Kogs Starter Pack. And today, we’ll discuss the different types and rarities of the game pieces. In other words, let’s show you what you might find upon opening a pack of KOGS 1st Edition NFTs.

The Inaugural Series

Upon the game’s launch, we’ll have no less than 100 playable NFTs. A team of pro designers is creating them now, and each artist adds their unique flavor to every detail.

KOGS features futuristic warriors…

Work in progress

Starlit cityscapes…

Work in progress

8-bit classics…

Work in progress

Iconic destinations…

Work in progress

And playful nostalgia…

Work in progress

Now, if you’re at all familiar with our game’s inspiration, POGS, you know that slammers are a requirement. Adding variety to our 1st Edition game pieces is an assortment of 12 unique slammers.

Plus, to elevate the collectibility of all Kogs and slammers, we’re adding unique versions to the mix. Certain NFTs will have unusual shapes, colors, and borders. All of these variations lead us straight to the retail packs — starters (40 NFTs) and boosters (10 NFTs). Let’s go over what’s inside them, shall we?

5 Degrees of Rarity

Remember, everyone who makes the small effort to register as an early tester before the deadline receives a free KOGS Starter Pack. Here’s what you get:

  • 2 Slammers
  • 26 Common Kogs
  • 6 Uncommon Kogs
  • 3 Rare Kogs
  • 3 Special Slots

Now, you may be asking yourself what it means for a Kog to be ‘Common’ vs. ‘Uncommon.’ It’s simple; the answer boils down to rarity. KOGS game pieces feature five distinct levels of scarcity, each denoted by the color — or lack thereof — of the Kog’s border:

1) Colorless Borders

Pieces with no color around the rim roam freely within all packs.

2) Silver Borders

A little less common than the colorless variety, but still plentiful.

3) Blue Borders

These NFTs are a little harder to find than silver or colorless versions. Blue pieces represent the ‘6 Uncommon Kogs’ in each Starter Pack.

4) Gold Borders

Now we’re getting into the rarest of classes. Gold-bordered Kogs are tough to locate!

5) Orange Borders

Putting these in your stack won’t be easy, but you can always try your luck inside the game’s accompanying NFT marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade KOGS game pieces.

Special Slots

Starter Packs contain 3, and Booster Packs contain 1. But no matter which pack you open, special slots add to the thrill of finding pieces that are few and far between.

Opening your pack’s special slot(s) may reveal rare or ultra-rare Kogs. However, the treasure hunting doesn’t stop there. You may find any of these low-mintage Kogs within special slots:

  • Slammer
  • Foil Slammer
  • Foil Rare
  • Foil Ultra Rare
  • Foil Common
  • Foil Uncommon
  • Jagged Edge Slammer
  • Foil Jagged Edge Slammer

Highly collectible KOGS game pieces are just waiting for you to find them, and we’d like to offer you 40 of them for free.

Don’t Miss Out

Feb. 15 is rapidly approaching. Get registered at Kogs.gg if you haven’t already! That way, you can crack open a trio of special slots, and much more, before most gamers even know our new NFTs exist.

We’re excited to put KOGS on your phone — and we’re giving early testers everything they need to join the fun. Help us shape the future of blockchain gaming by getting yourself registered today!