At RedFOX Labs we have a deep understanding of the role that community plays in creating and establishing a successful long term project. Having had core team members play an integral role in the development of the Komodo community, we have experienced first hand the importance of honesty, transparency and keeping our supporters and investors satisfied and engaged.

It is because of this that we would like to reward those who have supported the team and our vision by airdropping 28% of the total RFOX supply. We believe that a community-centric approach is paramount to our success and this airdrop is our way of acknowledging that.

Are you Eligible for the Airdrop?

We are happy to announce that every individual is eligible for the airdrop, regardless of what stage you bought your tokens. There are no gimmicks, no social media tricks and no competitions. All you will need to do is hold RFOX in your wallet at the time of the snapshot to receive the airdrop.

Airdrop To RFOX Holders

Each monthly airdrop of 28,000,000 RFOX will be divided amongst the RFOX token holders based on how much of the circulating supply an individual holds at the time of the snapshot. This circulating supply will increase month by month as the RFOX is unlocked and released into the market. Therefore each month the 28,000,000 will be divided by a higher circulating supply as the months progress.

There is no minimum and no limit to how many you can hold at the time of the snapshot.

Please see the key highlights for the airdrop below:

– RFOX holders will be airdropped 280,000,000 (28%) of the RFOX total supply (*The rate will vary depending on the circulating supply at the time of the snapshot).

–  Airdrops to RFOX holders will begin 12 months after the IEO and vested 28,000,000 (10%) over the following 10 months.

– RFOX snapshot dates have not been announced – stay tuned!

We appreciate your support and patience.

Thank you