Cryptocurrency exchanges have insider information on every project they list. Like real estate agents operating within defined territories, it’s in exchanges’ best interest to become experts in reading sentiment from the market as well as clientele.

As such, exchanges extend great efforts to keep a finger on the pulse of the blockchain and crypto industries. Honest exchanges thoroughly vet projects before a listing. On the other side of the token lurks the dishonest exchanges. For a hefty fee, mind you, they’ll list any scam project that offers the prospect of quick profits.

Exchange listings float towards the top of our priorities list at this stage in our startup’s existence. In the short-term, we’re getting $RFOX on as many exchanges as possible. And that mission puts us in contact with plenty of individuals and organizations.

As you can imagine, we’ve dealt with more than our share of crypto shenanigans. Between calls and random DMs on Telegram, someone’s always trying to siphon our accounts. But there’s a positive side of it all.

You see, we can now spot scammers a mile away. Our guard is up, and our eyes are trained to identify dishonest tactics, including an exchange’s business methodology.

Of course, we’re partial to our first blockchain venture — Zaddex exchange. However, if given the choice of only one exchange with which to share the podium, our selection is Liquid exchange.

Liquid exchange listing RFOX

Why? For starters, they use 100% cold storage to keep customer funds far away from bad actors. Plus, from our first conversation to our current business relationship, Liquid continues to prove their professionalism.

And recently, Liquid strongly hinted that they feel the same about us. We can’t help but feel very proud of that accomplishment!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. And no, this isn’t a sponsored recommendation. We discovered Liquid exchange had selected us as one of 2019’s must-watch projects only after a community member brought it to our attention.

Visit the Liquid blog for the complete list.

Yes, we’re thrilled to be on such an exclusive list! But we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight a couple of the other projects in our ranks. After all, as our recent partnership with Electra demonstrates, we’re firm believers in collaboration.

In Great Company

It’s not entirely clear what made Liquid’s team of experts choose our project out of 100+ others the exchange lists. But, taking an educated guess, we’d say it’s our ability to launch blockchain-powered products.

In other words, we’re no longer confined to a whitepaper — well, a blackpaper in our case. In addition, we’re taking digital technology and applying it to the physical world.

Another project using blockchain to solve real-world problems is Holland’s GET Protocol. And if you’ve ever used a service akin to Ticketmaster, you’re well aware of the rampant price-gouging within the entertainment industry.

A $26 ‘convenience fee’ for the privilege of printing our own tickets at home? Yes, we should have to pay for saving ticket issuers time and materials. Sounds totally fair!

Resellers prey on slow responders by vastly overcharging for tickets to shows. If buyers don’t reach the venue’s box office soon enough, all tickets are gone, and they’re at the mercy of a middleman.

Now, when these same vendors have the opportunity to pre-purchase a large percentage of the overall seats, fans have limited options to find tickets anywhere else.

The GET Protocol aims to put an end to monopolistic practices with their smart-ticketing solution. Ticket issuers set a fixed price, and fans who purchase the equivalent in GET tokens gain entry to events. By allowing everyone to the opportunity to pay the same price per ticket, event-goers are immune to open-market volatility.

Using blockchain to enable fairness and transparency within the ticketing industry aligns with our core values. GET Protocol is a fantastic example of a project applying blockchain to decrease predatory business practices.

Revving up the Blockchain Game Enjin

Like a multitude of the globe’s consumer industries, gaming has had but a taste of what blockchain has on tap. And, like RedFOX Labs’ gaming division, the Enjin project is giving videogames a full cache of powerups.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Enjin aims to remove technological barriers obstructing widespread use of blockchain. Products and services must remain simple if we’re to pave the way for the masses.

Although you may be willing to jump through a few digital hoops to interact with blockchain networks, we can’t expect most people to follow our lead. For example, the Enjin Platform lets anyone create blockchain games without writing a line of code.

On one side of the coin, Enjin is a competitor. On the other — the side facing the sky right now — Enjin is a welcome addition to a small pool of pioneers enhancing the fun of gameplay by using blockchain as a secure anchor.

Wrapping Up

Recognition from a government-regulated crypto exchange is an honor for RedFOX Labs. Although the announcement was unexpected, it reinforces our belief that we’re on the right track.

You see, blockchain tech’s potential is woefully underserved. Coupled with the unbanked and underbanked here in Southeast Asia, the applications for socioeconomic empowerment are limitless.

Simplification acts as a bridge. By releasing secure and user-friendly products that people want and need, we’re allowing the underserved to cross the chasm into blockchain and crypto.

Take a good look at Liquid’s list of top-5 projects, and you’ll see a common thread: shipped code. Each project has a userbase enjoying at least one product or service that’s up and running today.

And, perhaps most exciting of all, every project is still in the momentum-building phase. Once these five organizations gain traction, their collective contributions to the blockchain space are, as Liquid exchange puts it, a must-see.