We are thrilled to announce Kadan Stadelmann has joined RedFOX Labs as our Chief Technical Officer. This reinforces our commitment to driving adoption of Komodo Platform technology.

Many of you will know Kadan as CA333 and CTO of Komodo Platform. He has been a key contributor to the project since its inception in late 2016. Prior to his role at Komodo Platform he worked for several projects with a focus IT related security and intrusion detection systems. He has held senior roles with the Tunisian and Austrian governments as well as various open source projects.

As a core member of the Komodo team Kadan brings a deep technical understanding of the project, its technology and the specific expertise required to ensure the technical success of RedFOX Labs future projects.

Furthermore his role as CTO for RedFOX Labs means he will be contributing and guiding all upstream development for RedFOX Labs, ultimately strengthening Komodo as an open source project.

Joining RedFOX Labs will not change CA333’s position as CTO of Komodo as there are many synergies and benefits that will be realized thanks to his involvement. This allows him continue as a key contributor and senior manager of the open source project Komodo.

The addition of Kadan to the RedFOX Labs team compliments the announcement of James Lee (JL777) founder of Komodo platform joining the team as Lead Blockchain Advisor.