RedFOX Labs received an invitation to the upcoming Wild Digital Conference in Kuala Lumpur. And since the event attracts significant players within Southeast Asia’s booming Internet economy, this is a must-attend meeting of bright minds.

Here’s a quick video providing a glimpse of what it’s like to attend the WDC:


As the video reveals, ventures built in emerging markets have ample potential to become powerhouses rivaling their Western counterparts. RedFOX Labs set up shop in Vietnam for good reason!

Now, it’s important to note that the conference doesn’t focus on blockchain exclusively. Rather, presentations encompass a wide range of topics including eCommerce, ride-hailing, venture building (our specialty!), entrepreneurship, AI, and more.

But you can’t discuss the SEA region’s explosive economic growth without involving blockchain. In addition to RedFOX Labs, distributed ledgers have conference representation from Bluzelle,, OneConnect, and the NEM Foundation.

Lucky for us, the Wild Digital Conference is much more than a series of discussions and panels. Plenty of networking opportunities allow RedFOX to gain valuable connections that have the potential to assist in rapidly scaling our ventures throughout Southeast Asia.

Yet, we’re not only attending in the hopes of discovering how other organizations can help us. On the contrary, we aim to also learn how we can help others.

Our project leverages innovative, ready-made technology from Komodo Platform. We’re very confident that multiple organizations in attendance are curious about how blockchain can help their operations reach the next level. And we’ve got the proven technology to get them there.

Meet Our Team at the Conference

Several of our co-founders plan to attend, including CEO Ben Fairbank and CMO Glen Pearce. Meet us at the conference and let’s discuss how we can help you grow your business. Better yet, reach out to, and we’ll coordinate a meeting in advance.

We consider ourselves privileged to attend this esteemed event, and we hope to see you there!