We are absolutely delighted to announce the listing of RFOX on Liquid – a fully compliant and regulated exchange in Japan. This listing will provide the much needed liquidity and volume for RFOX holders as well as opening up further trading options with BTC and ETH  pairings.

As a business built on reputation and integrity we look for partners that share our beliefs. We believe that RedFox Labs should be looking to list on the most reputable and legitimate of exchanges and with Liquid we have found the right partner who match our ambition.

About Liquid

Liquid was launched by Quione in Q4 2018 a new cutting-edge cryptocurrency platform that offers top security and liquidity. They have their own native token which is QASH. This token gives a range of benefits such as discounted trading fees, the ability to receive airdrops and more.

Quoine was the first global cryptocurrency exchange to be officially licensed by the Japan Financial Service Authority (FSA) for its Japanese operations. They also have a strong Asian presence with offices in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. It is because of this we believe there are a lot of synergies to be found in this relationship

In April Liquid announced that they had reached a valuation of over $1 billion meaning that they have now become one of just two tech startups in Japan with unicorn status. The additional funding they were provided to reach this status will be used for new services and expansion opportunities.

Japan is the first country to regulate crypto significantly and is home to a large market of traders. Liquid is one of just over 10 exchanges to be officially licensed to operate in Japan. It’s also worth noting that Binance attempted to achieve the same regulation in Japan but failed and so moved their business over to Malta.

Between the years of 2017-18 Liquid reported over $50 billion of trading volume and according to Coinmarketcap $255 million was traded yesterday.

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