Welcome to the May update for RedFOX Labs. We’ve been extremely hard at work over the last couple of weeks working on exchanges, partnerships and improving our general infrastructure as we look to build out and enhance the framework and foundations of our project. We appreciate your continued support and will be looking to provide these updates on a more regular basis.  


As you are aware the final batch of pre-sale tokens were released on the 19th May. It looks as though the selling has subsided and we look to build on our liquidity and accessibility to trading RFOX tokens in the coming weeks by providing reputable and legitimate exchange listings.

Although we are sworn to agreement by an NDA, we can officially announce that we have 100% signed with a well known and regulated exchange that we have been working on for the course of several months. This will provide the much needed liquidity and volume that we have currently been lacking. This listing will take place on the 4th June.

We are also still in the process of finalising our double listing, which was initially promised around the time of our IEO launch, and a third exchange to which we will be able to release more details in the coming weeks. Again we would just like to add that we appreciate your patience and support in this matter and we take all of your comments and requests seriously.


We’ve recently had a couple of projects approach as to ask whether they can build on RedFOX as a chain. As you know the RedFOX ecosystem is not designed to integrate other companies, our goal is to build out platforms and projects. However, one of the projects that has approached us is a real-world, well established project with thousands of active users.

This project would like to use the RFOX coin to process payments and is actually inline with our first project which is gaming so we have decided to form a strategic partnership. This is a groundbreaking achievement for us as it means we will soon have tens of thousands of users on the RFOX chain. Be sure to stay tuned as we will provide further updates in the coming week.


Part of the RedFOX Labs package is to provide consultation services using our experience and expertise. We are currently working on consulting deals with two projects that are well known in the space with strong communities and look forward to being able to share more details over the coming weeks as developments progress.

We would also like to take the time to thank all participants who filled out our survey as this data is invaluable to us. We truly believe in making our investors and community happy whilst also providing a first rate service and so we appreciate each and every individual’s feedback.

– The RedFOX Labs Team