Driving blockchain adoption throughout Southeast Asia means sometimes pausing our daily strategy sessions and leaving RedFOX headquarters. And this past weekend found us setting up a booth at a conference right here in Ho Chi Minh City.

During a recent trip to the Wild Digital Conference in Malaysia, we absorbed the content of presentations seated in chairs among the audience. This time around, our CEO stood behind a podium to address the crowd.

Yes, global trading platform — BitMart — invited RedFOX Labs’ Ben Fairbank to speak as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) at the Block Plus Summit. Our resident YouTube host intended to impart knowledge about using blockchain tech to solve problems in the realm of digital finance.

Not only that, Ben sought to inform attendees of our project’s unique value proposition. True of any industry whatsoever, organizations differ in mission, business philosophies, executive leadership, and a host of other variants. And as we navigate waters crowded by thousands of blockchain projects, RedFOX Labs has a few indicators pointing us to open blue oceans.

We’re happy to share those points with you in a moment. But first, let’s discuss a few items about the summit itself.

An Elite Gathering

BitMart Labs’ 2019 Block Plus Summit III opens discussions around decentralized finance (DeFi), including apps, ethics, and global regulations. In attendance are blockchain projects such as ours, plus lawyers, advisors, financial institutions, and industry regulators.

BitMart themselves gave a speech providing a behind-the-scenes look at the state of cryptocurrency affairs within the SEA region. One notable highlight is the high level of regard BitMart earned for itself throughout the blockchain community. Multiple projects sang their praises.

From a value-alignment perspective, a standout project is Dash. Like RedFOX Labs, Dash is peer-to-peer, open-source, and run their own blockchain network. The team’s goal is to make the $DASH cryptocurrency as liquid as cash printed by countries’ governments.

And, also like us, Dash is expanding its footprint throughout the Southeast Asia region. The project’s payment-providing solutions are seeing integration with an impressive number of retail outlets.

Now, while hearing from others is certainly valuable, we wanted everyone there to know what we’re all about, too. In other words, we had the privilege of speaking directly to some of the blockchain industry’s key players. More specifically, we had a chance to give them an example of how we operate.

How did this opportunity present itself? Well, we created it by designing our presentation around RedFOX Labs’ upcoming loyalty rewards platform.

No Blockchain Experience Necessary

In a conference setting, increasing project awareness revolves around leaving a memorable impression. And one major takeaway for the crowd listening to Benny speak is how we’re a blockchain company that doesn’t focus on blockchain.

While that may seem counterintuitive to you, it makes perfect sense to us. You see, we want to see widespread blockchain as much as all the other projects. But to get there, blockchain-powered products and services must cloak the use of distributed ledgers.

RedFOX Labs creates blockchain-powered products and services that don’t require users to study blockchain tech.

In our minds, vast simplification of complicated tech holds the key to global acceptance.

Similarly, we’re doing our best to sidestep all the hysteria surrounding cryptocurrencies. For example, as blockchain venture builders, we have the power to create new cryptocurrencies with every new launch. But we’re taking the opposite approach.

Rather than forcing needless new coins on consumers, Komodo Platform’s Smart Chains let us leverage the supply of the currency we already employ — $RFOX.

Getting Up Close and Personal

For the first time in RFOX history, we staffed a booth at a blockchain event. While the situation was foreign to us, the ability to have impromptu AMAs with attendees was refreshing.

Joining Ben at the conference was our new mechatronics and robots engineer, Joe Andre. Joe comes from Austria and is now with us full-time to help devise business automation solutions. Welcome to the team, Joe!

Our primary focus during every design process is keeping the end-user in mind. And there’s no more profound form of consumer interaction than 1-on-1 convos with the CEO himself.

Wrapping Up

Building sustainable, long-term businesses on top of blockchain is much more important to us than chasing trends and hunting for quick profits. And the latest Block Plus Summit offered ample opportunity to showcase our intentions.

We’re incredibly excited to present the first build of our upcoming rewards portal. You’ve heard a lot about it here as of late. But speaking about our new partnership in front of a live audience is a priceless experience. Nothing captures the essence of a statement quite like it coming straight from the organizational leader.

Decentralized finance, while still nascent, is inevitable. We need only look at countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe for examples of extreme hyperinflation. DeFi takes power away from potentially corrupt governments and puts it in the hands of everyday citizens.

The quickest path to blockchain adoption is by providing businesses and consumers with better versions of what they already have. Or, by offering something coveted yet out of reach. Along the way, there’s no need for users to saddle themselves with complex terms and software.

By creating simple, customer-centric products and services, we’re aiming to alter DeFi for the betterment of society. And we’re starting right here in Southeast Asia.