As a relatively new blockchain venture builder, it’s critical for us to enable liquidity for our native coin. Today, we’re happy to report that yet another exchange is adding $RFOX to its list of trading pairs.

$RFOX is live on Estonia’s p2pb2b crypto exchange.

This new listing puts our tally at five overall exchanges. In addition to p2pb2b and Zaddex — our first blockchain venture — $RFOX trades on Liquid, Barterlly, and Coineal.

Thankfully, p2pb2b is a well-established exchange that doesn’t skimp on crypto-asset inventory. More than 200 trading pairs are live against classics including $BTC, $ETH, $USDT, and fiat.

The Road Ahead

Although we identify and use blockchain to replicate unicorn businesses, we aim to build the majority of our ventures outside the realm of cryptocurrencies.

However, our native coin is a crucial element of our master plan. While it’s possible to run a blockchain without using cryptocurrency, we incorporate both entities into our business model. By doing so, we create a bridge between the fields of digital assets and traditional finance.

RedFOX is taking a long-term approach, and we’re setting our sights on multiple industries throughout SEA. Our goal is to build products and services that won’t require users to have advanced knowledge of blockchain tech.

In other words, we’re a blockchain venture builder serving emerging markets. But most of the time, our customers won’t even realize they’re using a distributed network. Simplification is a pillar of our mission to drive blockchain adoption.

$RFOX coin is not only an essential aspect of our ecosystem, but it’s also necessary to facilitate secure and easy payments across every corner of the Internet. That said, at least for now, we’re focused on spreading $RFOX as far and as wide as we possibly can.

Although five crypto exchanges trading our coin is a great start, we still have plenty of exchanges we want to add to the list. More info on that front is coming soon!

Create a free p2pb2b account today and become one of the first traders to swap $RFOX on the latest crypto exchange to carry our project’s native coin.

Happy trading, everyone!