Gaming Insights Straight from the Non-fungible Horse’s Mouth

One of our recent articles on NFTs — found here — highlights an annual event occurring in the Big Apple. Luckily, the NFT.NYC conference transpired in February, before coronavirus hit the world’s pause button.

Video coverage of the all-day event is now emerging. Today, we’ll look at a panel of NFT all-stars. Each brings unique motivations, theories, and business approaches to the industry.

But before we jump into the video, let’s catch you up on the speakers.

The Host: Michael Arnold

NFT investor and engineer at Japan’s My Crypto Heroes, Michael Arnold, moderated the panel. In-game NFTs represent heroes, weapons, and land.

Image credit: MyCryptoHeroes.Net

You’ll later see a speaker take a slight jab at Michael over the game’s $300 barrier to entry. To each his own, but she brings up a valid point on user experience and widespread adoption.

But despite the high buy-in, My Crypto Heroes consistently ranks in the top 10 NFTs games. Pay a visit to the data aggregator site NonFungible.Com to see the numbers for yourself.

The Financial Director: Pei Chen

ConsenSys is one of the most prominent players in the blockchain space. Formed by Ethereum co-founder, Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys is an incubator for startups building on top of the Ethereum network.

Image credit: ConsenSys.Net

This blockchain venture production studio specializes in enterprise-grade Ethereum deployment, Impressively, ConsenSys has 100+ decentralized applications under its belt.

Plenty of capital flows through the organization, with Pei assuming a leadership role as Director of Financial Services. The organization has a strong focus on software payment services linking traditional finance with digital assets. It’s incredibly encouraging to see such a financial behemoth join us in the NFT industry!

Back in October of 2015, Ethereum bottomed out around $0.42 per ETH. Fast forward to January 2017, and ETH topped out North of $1,400. In addition, the network pre-mined 72 million highly liquid ETH upon launch. We’ll let your imagination inform you of the USD balance under Pei’s control.

The Creative Technologist: Marguerite deCourcelle

As CEO and founder of Blockade Games, Marguerite is no stranger to NFTs and digital art. She’s also the inventor of artistic, cryptographic puzzles and games that self-issue Bitcoin or Ethereum to whoever solves them first.

Image credit: Blockade.Games

The current focus of Blockade Games is Neon District, described as a cyberpunk RPG. Like us, Marguerite sees massive potential in the social aspect of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

The Architect: Peter Kieltyka

Horizon Blockchain Games is the creator of free-to-play trading card game — SkyWeaver. Last month, the studio raised USD 5M in funding earmarked for bringing the game to market.

Image credit: SkyWeaver.Net

The studio’s CEO, co-founder, and Chief Architect, Peter Kieltyka, was on hand to lend his vast NFT experience.

In the same vein, Peter, like several members of the RedFOX Labs team, is a lifelong gamer. And, like all of us here, Peter’s extremely enthusiastic about decentralization.

The Virtual Real Estate Agent: Preston Attebery

In BlockCities, players build miniature cities using collectible, renowned buildings from across the world.

Image credit: BlockCities.Build

The game’s founder, Preston Attebery,  spreads the benefits of NFTs by appearing on venture capital-related podcasts.

In addition to insights on why speakers chose NFTs over traditional gaming, the panel discusses opening the NFT market to non-crypto participants.

Are you ready to hear what these experts have to say? Here’s the NFT Gaming segment of 2020’s NFT.NYC conference:


Pei Chen hinted at a non-gaming use-case for NFTs: digitized identification. Tokenizing real-world assets — personal data, in this instance — is an ideal method for converging the digital and physical worlds.

For example, imagine converting your passport into a one-of-a-kind, digitally verifiable token. Subsequently, one could use that single asset across multiple KYC platforms. And if you’ve ever been through KYC, you immediately recognize the value of NFT-based identification. Juggling an ID document and a note while taking a selfie is no fun!

But that’s just in the crypto space. Now imagine that same token in use at the airport. One less document to fret over is a welcome subtraction from anyone’s travel plans.

That’s a Wrap

Most importantly, every game represented in the panel runs on top of the Ethereum network. As a result, the speakers are too familiar with the downsides. To clarify, all of these games have to share the same pathways to facilitate gameplay.

And it’s this universal dilemma that slathers highlighter all over why we chose to use Komodo Platform.

RedFOX operates an independent network. Consequently, the cogs of KOGS are well-oiled and spin freely.  Moreover, there’s no other way of creating the only mobile game with 100% on-chain logic.

From a tech standpoint, we’re living in thrilling times. And we think you’ll agree that NFTs are prone to amplify that excitement!


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