RedFOX Labs is many things. We’re Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder. We also run a blockchain gaming division. Our sights are also set on digital media, eCommerce, logistics, and more. One thing we’re not, however, is a “crypto” project.

You see, there’s a lot of confusion in the land of blockchain. And we’re here to clear the digital air. It’s time for a shift in narratives, and we’ll explain why our project is pioneering a new direction for the industry at large. Yes, we operate a blockchain, and yes, there’s a cryptocurrency flowing throughout our network. But that’s just it. $RFOX coin is but one of the endless possibilities for our blockchain.

In other words, you can’t have a cryptocurrency without blockchain, but a blockchain network runs perfectly fine without the use of crypto. The commingling of the two separate entities — blockchain and crypto — is hindering progress towards mainstream adoption. It’s time for the madness to end.

“Priceless” Advice

Price is equal to market sentiment, and technology ensures forward progress. The two are not the same. Although we live in a futuristic age, we can illustrate our point with an ancient example.

Our shepherd friend, Shepediah Maximus, raised and sold hooved animals in the 6th-century BB: Before Blockchain. Now, Shepediah’s main product was wool sweaters knitted by his talented wife, Cardiganetta.

As technology in Shepediah’s village progressed, so did sweater output. New machinery allowed quicker shearing and knitting. A doubling of production quickly boosted profits. Plus, lower costs meant passing savings on to customers.

Now, the product — wool sweaters — remained unchanged. The price dived, but the underlying technology — keeping customers warm — did not. Does that make Shepediah’s business model irrelevant, “garbage,” a Ponzi scheme, or heading to zero, like the accusations we so often hear about bitcoin? Absolutely not.

A fluctuating price has no bearing on the product’s core intent. People want to stay warm and are willing to pay whatever the market dictates. Perhaps a shortage of shears trims the overall supply for a few years. Demand is the same, so the price naturally rises. But still, a sweater is a sweater.

And to drive the point home even further, here’s our CEO with his take on the current situation:


Remember, bitcoin is a product with a price set by the number of buyers and sellers. Since inception over a decade ago, the Bitcoin network is faster and stronger and more efficient. However, bitcoin’s role as a secure, trustless, and borderless exchange of value hasn’t changed one iota.

Wrapping Up

Innovative technology from Komodo Platform gives RedFOX Labs a head start over most blockchain projects. As a blockchain venture builder, we ideate, create, launch, and incubate blockchain products and services. And we’ve got the ready-made tech to take us wherever we want to go.

Our business model revolves around identifying successful unicorn companies then replicating their success in emerging markets. We’re providing real-world solutions to real-world problems. And we’re not the least concerned with the price of $RFOX, or $BTC for that matter.

It’s time for the blockchain community at large to recognize the relevancy of this topic. Collectively, widespread blockchain and crypto adoption is the ultimate goal. Yes, there’s a crypto element to our operation. While a crucial aspect of our overall ecosystem, our utility coin’s trade value is the least of our concerns. We focus on building customer-focused products that subtly incorporate blockchain tech.

And by honing in on the process of creation rather than price speculation, we progress towards what made us launch RedFOX in the first place: using blockchain to enhance business efficiencies.

Sure, there’s pumping and dumping, going to the moon and crash-landing flat on the charts. But the buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies is a different beast–and not our concern. Just like precious metals or bonds or stock in AAPL, cryptocurrencies are assets bought and sold in a (mostly) open market.

Now, while price isn’t an overarching theme, liquidity certainly is. We can’t ignore the space’s traders who live to swap one asset for another. And that same recognition is what lead us to hire a crypto veteran as our project’s Coin Manager. You may know him on Telegram as Crypt0Bank, but we know him as Peter. Mr. Watson is responsible for ensuring adequate trade volume, exchange listings, coin utility, and more.

However, the glue holding crypto together — blockchain tech — is price agnostic by design. Let’s stop worrying so much about the price of bitcoin and focus on how we can apply its underlying tech to modern-day issues. By injecting blockchain into traditional business models, we’re building a bridge between our industry and mainstream finance. No matter if bitcoin’s perceived value is up or down, we’ll continue to lay the foundation for future blockchain ventures.

The market will sort the price for us. There’s no need to waste time worrying about something we have no control over. Instead, we’ll focus on the disruptive technology that allows us to achieve our goals. After all, one bitcoin will always be worth one bitcoin.