We can’t yet tell you exactly when or where, but a big shakeup is coming to the RedFOX blockchain. You see, we’re tossing a massive chunk of our coin’s circulating supply into a virtual vat of molten metal.

But we can tell you that our coin burn is a bit out of the ordinary. We’re not merely marching a bag of coins to the top of Mt. Doom then tossing them over our shoulders on the way back down.

You see, at this early stage in our mission as Southeast Asia’s first blockchain venture builder, coin liquidity is vital. Our native cryptocurrency — $RFOX coin — is available for trading on a handful of exchanges, with more on the way.

As such, we need to have ample trade volume via hordes of global traders. We’re talking real people trading on trusted exchanges as opposed to trading bots on questionable swap houses. We needed a plan, and after wracking our brains and drinking loads of coffee, an idea arose.

We know how to kickstart some trade volume, and we’re having some fun in the process. So, how are we going about it? Here’s our CEO with a few details — and more! — in our weekly project update:

That’s right; we’re giving away 3.5 BTC during our upcoming, 3-stage RFOX trading contest. In addition, we’re extracting up to 28% from RFOX coin’s circulating supply.

Now, if it were up to us, the contest would already be in full swing. But since we’re relying on a third party for times, dates, and final rules, we’re on the sidelines with you.

We’re just as excited as you are to get this competition up and running. And, we’ll be sure to share the good news with everyone as soon as our chosen exchange gives us the green light!

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