A crucial element of the RFOX ecosystem — our custom, mobile crypto wallet — is one step closer to public release. And we want you to help us put it to the test.

Interested in trying our latest blockchain-powered creation before the rest of the world? Fantastic! We’re opening the gates for a limited number of Android users.

So, whether you’re a digital-wallet rookie or veteran, we’d love your feedback. Participation details are below.

Fair Warning

We’re excited to get our mobile crypto wallet into your hands, blemishes and all. Cosmetic updates are in process and we’ll soon kick things over to our cybersecurity partner — Hacken— for the final audit.

And, because we’d rather not sway your initial reactions, we’re not divulging any of our planned updates. From download to wallet creation and asset transmission, we’re looking for honest, unbiased assessments.

If you’re not afraid of software that’s slightly rough around the edges, let’s get you in touch with our Community Manager, Shaun Lee.

What to Expect

From a user’s perspective, we’re most interested in three different categories: speed, appearance, and user-friendliness. And, we’re happy to send some RFOX coins straight into your new wallet.

First come, first served. The initial group of 10 testers will receive 100 RFOX to play with.

There’ll be a short survey afterward, but we’ll hand it over before you begin. That way, you’ll know precisely what’s in store before adding the file to your Android device.

How to Apply

We realize you may not yet be a member of the RedFOX Telegram channel. So, in that vein, we have a couple of other methods for reaching out to Shaun:

Discord & Telegram: @shaun98

Email: shaun@redfoxlabsio-2b6adb.ingress-bonde.easywp.com

Get in touch today, and Shaun can provide all the info you need to get started.

Thank You!

Sometimes, being tightly intertwined with a product means having a narrow focus. And when it comes to testing the look and feel of mobile software, the more eyeballs we can get on it, the better. Having our community assist with the final stages offers priceless perspectives otherwise out of our reach. Cheers for your efforts!

Remember, it’s not 100% complete, but our mobile crypto wallet is ready to come out and play. Are you game?