Earlier this week, we told you about Zaddex, our first product as a blockchain venture builder. Regardless of exchange ownership — RedFOX holds half of the equity — the Zaddex platform provides another source of liquidity for our native coin.

And at this stage in our organization’s development, widespread liquidity of $RFOX is a crucial element of our overall ecosystem. You see, we want to offer the entire globe the ability to transact in our chain’s native crypto asset.

But even more importantly, our long-term focus — we’re talking three to five years here — is to move away from being known as a crypto project. RedFOX Labs is out to drive blockchain adoption in emerging markets. There’s a big difference between blockchain (a technology) and crypto (an asset)!

Yes, all of our products will seamlessly interact with $RFOX coins. However, we’re using blockchain tech to build real companies that solve real problems. And though we run a crypto network, it’s but one element of our overall strategy. In other words, our cryptocurrency serves as a piece of infrastructure for the blockchain ventures we’re creating.

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking. You got us! Yes, Zaddex.io is our most outwardly crypto-focused product. But as you’ll soon see, it’s not only critical to our long-term plans; the exchange sets itself apart from others in multiple ways.

The Beta Phase

Although Zaddex.io evolves as time marches on, its operation is still rather new and currently in the stage of early growth.

Today, the exchange operates a lot like other centralized exchanges in the cryptosphere. And the most fundamental element of centralization revolves around private keys. Since centralized crypto exchanges own your keys, they actually own your crypto, too. But with that custodianship, although leaving you somewhat exposed to hacks, comes the convenience of customer service.

Having support agents at the ready is one of the best parts of using a traditional exchange. But the tradeoff is the inability to truly control your funds. Zaddex knows that from the customer’s POV, it’s best to safeguard your private keys without relying on an exchange to do that for you.

And this customer-centric approach is deeply ingrained into RedFOX Labs’ overall business philosophy. As with every blockchain venture we build, our cryptocurrency exchange keeps its users in mind when creating products and feature sets.

However, self-custody of private keys is but one of many upgrades slated for the future. On that note, let’s get into how Zaddex aims to become a unique, hybrid crypto exchange.

A Modular Build

Like a blockchain itself, Zaddex is growing one piece at a time. And, like the tech powering the platform — straight from our friends over at Komodo — Zaddex adds new pieces to the ecosystem as they become available.

Rather than waiting for the ‘dream’ exchange to be 100% complete, Zaddex implements modules as technological progress allows. So for now, you can market buy and sell select cryptocurrencies.

$RFOX currently trades against three pairs on Zaddex — BTC, ETH, and the exchange’s native token, ZEXO.

But soon, you can do much, much more. For starters, although you hold your private keys, you still enjoy the 24/7 support you’ve come to expect from today’s crypto exchanges.

Future Zaddex installments include:

  • Fiat gateway — buy crypto with cash
  • Margin trading — go short and long and trade using leverage
  • Security Token Offering platform — in conjunction with the BRVM stock exchange in West Africa
  • Optional private addresses — transactions are shielded from online snoops and won’t appear in public block explorers

And that’s not all ! Traders on the Zaddex exchange gain additional benefits.

Transactional Mining

Much like Binance’s BNB and KuCoin’s KCS, holding ZEXO produces tokenized rewards. On the former exchange, you gain a reduction in trading fees. On the latter, you share a portion of the exchange’s daily profits.

ZEXO tokens are similar to BNB, but with an added twist. Unlike on Binance, Zaddex users always benefit from trading, even if they don’t hold the exchange’s native token.

Under Zaddex’ transactional mining model, a portion of trading fees is refunded in the form of ZEXO tokens.

So, not only do ZEXO token holders receive trade discounts, but they also accumulate more tokens as they trade.

Zaddex’ fee-reduction schedule

Also, Zaddex is a Komodo assetchain-friendly exchange. Which means that the platform’s chain is immune to 51% attacks. Plus, you can trade ZEXO for favorites like RFOX, KMD, CHIPS, VRSC.

Next up on the list of incoming KMD-powered coins is PirateChain, a 100% private and anonymous cryptocurrency. Say ‘ARRR,’ mateys!

Torching Tokens

The exchange will employ a buyback program to put upward price pressure on ZEXO tokens.

Burn, tokens, burn!

At the end of every quarter — running until June 2020 — Zaddex plans to use 25% of profits to buy back its native ZEXO token at market price. The exchange destroys all tokens purchased in the buyback program, effectively decreasing the circulating supply.


As our fledgling blockchain venture, we’re very excited about the launch of Zaddex. And considering there was no ICO or IEO to kickstart the exchange, we’re very proud of how far Zaddex has come in such a short time. Plus, some VC backing is reportedly on its way. A fresh boost of funds allows the exchange to accelerate its plans.

We encourage you to open a free Zaddex account and try our first product for yourself. Remember, the exchange is still in beta mode. If you see anything out of the ordinary, please report your findings to the Zaddex team.

There’s also a referral program. After enrolling, you’re free to share your affiliate link. Whenever your signups conduct trades, you earn yourself some ZEXO tokens.

Now, just like the RedFOX project itself, there’s lots of excitement on the horizon for Zaddex. And as new features and upgrades roll out on RedFOX Labs’ first blockchain venture, we’ll keep you posted right here.

See you soon!